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There are a lot of articles out there dedicated to the hard details of working in technology, but there are significantly fewer related to the soft skills of technology leadership and being an engineering manager at large.

I’ve enjoyed success as a technical expert, enough to find myself a leadership position running a software engineering team, but very little in my formal education or my work experience actually prepared me for the complex multivariate system that is human leadership at a technology company.

Here are a few tidbits that I’ve learned so far.

You will have to talk to customers

My particular set of personality traits give…

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about building React applications recently so I decided to jot down some core concepts I’ve learned over the last few years while working on production React Applications. What makes React powerful (if not unique) is that it consolidates UI elements and logic into a single coherent abstraction — The Component. The component is the fundamental unit of work in React and if you don’t understand it, well… you don’t understand React.

In this article I will cover 3 main concepts to help you understand Components and how they behave in the wild:

  1. Component…

Jon Staples

Head of Software Engineering - Recovering Neurogeneticist, Oenophile, Tech Entrepreneur?

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